• What is NOVI Health?

    NOVI Health combines clinical care with personalized health coaching and state-of-the-art technology to help you prevent, manage and even reverse diabetes and other metabolic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and fatty liver.

    The key elements of NOVI Health include

    Medical Specialist

    Specialist doctors in metabolic health and preventive medicine provide medical oversight of the program, and clinical care to the clients

    Personal Health Coach

    The health coach works with the specialist to answer your questions, monitor your progress, help you form new habits, and keeps you accountable

    Connected Sensors

    Connected flash glucose monitors, fitness trackers and weighing scales allow easy monitoring and generate data for personalized solutions

    Individualized Plan

    NOVI's treatment is evidence based and personalized to each client's lifestyle, blood sugar profiles, blood tests, behavioral and social factors and even learning style

    NovifyTM Mobile

    Proprietary App that facilitates remote health coaching, tracking and monitoring of lifestyle and health data, setting goals and personalized action plans, and on-demand resources

    All-Inclusive Charges

    All-inclusive transparent monthly fees give peace of mind. Charging model incentivizes investment in cost saving preventive care and discourages over-servicing

  • Is NOVI Health a clinic?

    Yes, and so much more. Our specialist medical clinic, which houses our specialist doctors and care team, is in the heart of the city (in the Central Business District). However, under NOVI Health, your care doesn’t end at the clinic – with personalized health coaching and our proprietary mobile application NOVIFY, we are able to help you understand, target and change your lifestyle behaviors on a real-time basis, wherever you are.

  • What is NOVIFY?

    NOVIFY is our proprietary mobile application that helps you better understand, in real-time, your current health status and how your lifestyle behaviors influence your health. NOVIFY tracks and monitors your key physiological variables (like your glucose, blood pressure, weight), and your behavior (like your diet, physical activity, sleep). This allows you to see how your daily choices impact your body. This information also helps us set goals, tailor interventions and provide advice that is personalized to you.

    NOVIFY is also a one-stop solution through which you can communicate directly with your care team and make your clinic appointments anytime, anywhere.

  • I am perfectly healthy. Why would I need NOVI Health?

    First, to get a better understanding of your metabolic health. Traditional health screenings merely assess for presence or absence of disease. Yet, 90% of your health is determined by factors that these screenings cannot measure. NOVI Health’s evidence-based, state-of-the-art, personalized risk profiling incorporates assessment of your lifestyle, genetics and physiology to give you a more comprehensive view of your health.

    Second, if you are interested in how your body and health are affected by your existing lifestyle, NOVI Health will give you a much deeper understanding of how your diet, exercise, work stress and other variables impact your health.

    Finally, if there are certain health-related behaviors you would like to address (such as eating or exercising better), NOVI Health will help and empower you to make the right changes with specialist advice from your care team.

  • I am at risk of or live with metabolic disease. What can NOVI Health do for me?

    Studies have shown that changing lifestyle behaviors can be more effective than drug therapy in reducing diabetes risk. If you are at risk of developing metabolic disease (for example, if you have pre-diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver, positive family history or are overweight) or suffer from metabolic disease (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol):

    1. We can provide you with the clinical care you require (including prescribing medication).
    2. Through our innovative and state-of-the-art NOVIFY mobile application and health coaching, we can help you make the right choices, alter your lifestyle behaviors and achieve your health goals
    3. You will have convenient access to your personal care team, which will comprise specialist doctors, nurses and health coaches.
    4. We promise all-inclusive monthly fees with no hidden charges, so you never have to worry about bill shocks.
  • I already have my own doctor. Can I still use NOVI Health’s services?

    Yes! If you have your own healthcare provider but would like access to our team of health coaches and professionals, and our NOVIFY mobile application, contact us for a discussion on how we can partner with you and your doctor to provide complementary care.

  • OUR Programs

  • What does NOVI Health offer?

    NOVI Health offers specialist care (billed as you go), as well as three bundled plans (billed per plan):

    Profile Healthy Individuals At-Risk Individuals: overweight; those with prediabetes, history of gestational diabetes, and/or non-alcoholic fatty liver Individuals with Metabolic Diseases: diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or high cholesterol
    Program NOVI-2 NOVI-4 NOVI-12
    Duration 2 weeks 4 months Annually Renewable
    Goal To help you better understand your body and health status and learn how you can stay healthy To help you lose weight and/or lower your risk of developing metabolic diseases. To holistically manage your metabolic condition, with transparent costs

    Proprietary health assessment

    Real-time health monitoring through NOVIFY

    Proprietary health assessment

    Specialist clinical care

    Real-time health monitoring through NOVIFY

    Health coaching

    Proprietary health assessment

    Specialist clinical care

    Health coaching


    Lab tests

    Access to NOVIFY

  • What can I expect with NOVI-2?

    NOVI-2 is a comprehensive, 2-week long, health assessment that provides you with a new way of understanding your health.

    We start with the traditional lab tests as a baseline (we can use results from blood tests that you have done previously, or we can have you take blood tests as part of your personalized health assessment).

    However, unlike other screening programs, we don’t stop there. We will measure how you eat, sleep and move on a real-time basis for 2 weeks through NOVIFY, our proprietary mobile application. That way, we are able to understand your body and health status in a more comprehensive way as compared to traditional health screening methods. This helps us (and you) further understand whether you are pre-disposed towards certain health risks or diseases.

    Finally – unlike traditional lab results which only tell you whether you have or don’t have disease – we will provide you with a report of how you did, what your biggest health risks are, and how you can do better. That way, we put control of your health back in your hands, where it rightfully belongs.

    NOVI-2 is ideal for those without any known disease, who wish to better understand their body and health status, learn how to stay healthy effectively, and find opportunities for healthier living.

  • What does NOVI-4 comprise?

    NOVI-4 combines health coaching, specialist care and digital health, to deliver personalized real-time behavioral therapy to help participants will lower their risk of developing metabolic diseases and/or lose weight.

    NOVI-4’s foundation is the evidence-based Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), which was developed in the US. The DPP, which has become the standard of care in reducing diabetes risk, showed that changing lifestyle behaviors could be more effective than drug therapy in reducing diabetes risk.

    If you enroll in NOVI-4, we will provide you with the following:

    1. A comprehensive 360° health risk assessment spanning 2 weeks (similar to NOVI-2).
    2. A specially formulated action plan to help you achieve those goals. This plan is personalized to you and your lifestyle and developed based on the results of your health risk assessment, your motivation and goals, as well as your learning style.
    3. Access to our proprietary app, NOVIFY. This allows you to track how you eat, sleep and move, as well as other key physiological variables, so that you can see how your health profile changes in response to your lifestyle patterns. Based on this information, our health coaches will give you prompt and actionable feedback to help you change your lifestyle effectively. Our app also allows our health coaches to keep you on track, by breaking down your goals into smaller concrete and achievable weekly and even daily goals.
    4. On-demand resources, to help you in your journey to a healthier self.

    At the end of 4 months, you can expect to have a thorough understanding of your health status and risk profile, to have drawn up concrete individualized action plans, to have made progress towards your health goals, and to be equipped with skills and tools to sustain your new and healthier lifestyle.

    NOVI-4 is ideal for those who may be at risk of metabolic diseases (e.g. those with pre-diabetes or non-alcoholic fatty liver, or who are overweight).

  • What does NOVI-12 comprise?

    NOVI-12 is our all-inclusive annually renewable plan designed for clients with diabetes, high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. to give you peace of mind. It includes the following:

    12 months of care

    • 4 consultations with specialist
    • 4 consultations with health coach
    • 360° assessment
    • Personalized action plan
    • Medication for chronic metabolic conditions

    Chronic Disease Monitoring

    • 4 HbA1C tests
    • 2 lipid profiles
    • Blood pressure measurement
    • Weight, BMI and waist circumference measurement

    Access to Novify™ app

    • Integrated platform for tracking of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, blood glucose profiles, heart rate, weight
    • Personalized action plan updates
    • Access to NOVI Community
    1. Our health coach helps you foster healthier lifestyle habits
    2. Our 360° assessment incorporates evaluation of lifestyle, tests, behavioral and social factors known to impact health, for a more complete health assessment
    3. Each plan includes an individualized plan for nutrition, fitness, mental wellness, medication and health coaching
    4. For diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
    5. Our team will make changes to your plan as you go, to guide you to optimal health

  • Does NOVI Health offer general health screening, apart from NOVI-2?

    Yes, we do! We will work with you to understand your risk profile and health needs, and then recommend the appropriate tests for you (which may include laboratory tests and imaging).

  • Do you work with insurers or employers?

    If you’re an insurer or employer interested in partnering with us, we are happy to discuss a solution that satisfies your organization’s needs. Please contact us via, or at +65 8600 3628.


  • Do I have to be tech-savvy to benefit from NOVI Health?

    No, you don’t! We believe that your healthcare should be delivered in as straightforward and informative a manner as possible – we designed NOVIFY to be simple and user-friendly, so that it can be used by anyone.

  • Will NOVIFY reduce my interactions with a clinical doctor?

    Definitely not. We believe that technology is just one component of how we deliver care. It complements and supports, but does not replace, the relationship between you and our specialist doctors and care team – so you can be assured that your personal preferences and needs always come first.

  • Where is your clinic located?

    We are located at 160 Robinson Road, #03-01 Mediplex @ SBF Center, Singapore 068914. To get here:

    1. By MRT: From Tanjong Pagar Station, take Exit F (Capital Tower/Robinson Road). SBF Center is 3 mins’ walk from the exit.
    2. By Bus: Bus services include (but are not limited to) 10, 10E, 70, 75, 97, 97E, 100, 107, 128, 130, 162, 196, 196E.
    3. By Taxi: The SBF Mediplex Lobby drop off point is accessed by turning off Robinson Road, into McCallum Street, and taking an immediate left turn. When ordering a private hire car service (e.g. Grab / GOJEK), select “SBF Center (McCallum Street Lobby)” as the drop off point. Alternatively, you can drop off at Capital Tower and walk about 1 minute to SBF Center.
    4. By Car: Parking is available at SBF Center. The SBF Carpark can be accessed by turning off Robinson Road, into McCallum Street, and taking an immediate left turn. Parking is also available at nearby buildings e.g. Capital Tower, GB Building, OUE Downtown and AXA Tower.
  • What are your operating hours?

    Our clinic is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays. We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

  • How can I get in touch?

    If you have any other questions or queries, please contact us via, or at +65 8600 3628.