Which of these best describes you?

If you are healthy...

Are you worried about your risks of developing metabolic diseases that traditional health assessments don’t reveal? Or do you need help in staying disciplined when it comes to eating healthy and managing your weight?

We’ll help you uncover your risk factors for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and fatty liver, and assist in developing customised diet and exercise regimes that work for your body

If you are at risk...

You’re more likely to develop metabolic diseases if you’re overweight, have prediabetes, or have a family member with these diseases.

Don’t fret!

We’re here to help reduce and even reverse your risk so you can feel and do your best, every day.

If you have metabolic disease...

High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes and fatty liver put you at higher risk of serious diseases like heart attack and stroke.

But you don’t have to live in fear.

We’ve put together a comprehensive solution to better manage your condition and avoid these complications, so you can live life to the fullest.

Why Us?

NOVI Health incorporates the evidence-based, standard of care Diabetes Prevention Program, as part of a fully-integrated solution for diabetes and metabolic disease prevention and care:

The first fully-integrated solution to meet different needs

We combine behavioural interventions, pharmacotherapy, clinical care and digital health, to effectively meet your needs, whether you’re healthy, at risk, or have metabolic diseases.

fully-integrated solution
digitally-enhanced human connections

A digitally-enhanced human connection

Our real-time monitoring and timely feedback are made possible through our inhouse technology, but you will get to meet – and build trusted relationships – with every face behind the screen.

Backed by trusted physicians and cutting-edge science

Our team draws on deep expertise in research, clinical care and population health, so that program participants benefit from the latest data-driven solutions.

cutting-edge science
More for Less

More for Less

With our reasonable all-inclusive prices covering more than just clinical care, you will always get more bang for your buck.

Who we are

  • Your very own care team...

    Say hello to your dedicated team of doctors, nurses and health coaches. We’ll work closely with you to craft an action plan that combines clinical care and lifestyle intervention.

  • ...sensitive to your individual needs..

    We customise our advice to fit your personal risks, lifestyle, motivation and goals, while challenging you to do more. What do you want to achieve today?

  • ...And your personal cheerleaders.

    We help break down your big goals into small actions you can do every day. Sounds simple? Great. Now go, go, go!

Who we are

What we Believe

  • Holistic care

    Going beyond traditional health screenings, we assess your lifestyle, behavioural and social factors to help you understand your health risks more deeply.

  • Building lasting habits

    With actionable feedback on your nutrition, physical activity, stress management and sleep, you can take concrete steps to improve your lifestyle, keeping metabolic diseases at bay, while also saving on healthcare costs in the long-run.

  • No unnecessary medicines

    Because we hate pills and injections as much as you do, we’ll only prescribe them when absolutely necessary. We use the safest, most effective ones, precisely chosen to meet your needs. We promise.

what we believe

how we do it

  • Connected sensors

    Your physical activity, glucose levels, and weight are all automatically recorded by your wearables and fed into our Novify app. This arms us (and you!) with real, concrete data, so we can understand your body, and develop an effective action plan that works wonders.

  • An app for all your health needs

    Check your progress, arrange for a teleconsultation, or read about new tips and tricks to boost your health with our Novify app, anytime, anywhere. We’ll also ping you with other cool suggestions based on the data we’re seeing!

  • Make new friends

    Meet like-minded people through Novify and challenge each other to reach goals. You’ll stay motivated more easily. Plus, it’s a lot more fun!

Full Integrated Solutions

Contact Us

To book an appointment with us, please:

Email us at info@novi-health.com or Call/WhatsApp us at +65 8600 3628

We are located at:

NOVI Health
160 Robinson Road, #03-01 Mediplex @SBF Center
Singapore 068914

Getting here:

By MRT: From Tanjong pagar Station, take Exit F(Capital Tower/Robinson Road).SBF Center is 3 mins' walk from the exit.

By Bus: Bus services include 10, 10E, 70, 75, 97, 97E, 100, 107, 128, 130, 162, 196, 196E.

By Taxi: The SBF Mediplex Lobby drop off point is accessed by turning off Robinson Road, into McCallum Street, and taking an immediate left turn. Alternatively, you can drop off at Capital Tower and walk about 1 minute to SBF Center.

By Car: Parking is available at SBF Center, The SBF Carpark can be accessed by turning off Robinson Road, into McCallum Street, and taking an immediate left turn. Parking is also available at nearby buildings e.g. Captial Tower, GB Building, OUE Downtown and AXA Tower.