Are you ready to incorporate the latest evidence-based care and technology in your practice so your patients can benefit?


Lifestyle interventions have been shown to effectively reduce the development of diabetes in at-risk individuals, even when compared to drug therapy

  • In fact, the US-based diabetes prevention program has been the standard of care in the US since 2014 for patients with prediabetes

More patients are expecting their physicians to use data from wearables and connected sensors in the management of their health


NOVI Health offers innovative technology to help you meet these rising patient expectations, along with a clever combination of customizable lifestyle interventions.

NOVI Health offers different partnership models to meet your needs – most commonly, we work with healthcare providers to provide lifestyle and behavioral interventions to their patients.

This means you continue to manage your patients, even while they have access to our lifestyle coaching program comprising real-time monitoring and tracking of their health, health coaching and use of our proprietary NOVIFY app.

Why Us?

NOVI Health adds value to your practice in innovative ways, to help your patients achieve improved outcomes, making you look good without you needing to do the hard work.

Together, we can offer a more holistic solution

Our lifestyle interventions and digital health solutions can complement the clinical care you provide so that your patients receive the holistic care they want.

fully-integrated solution
digitally-enhanced human connections

We make you look good

Your patients will benefit from our timely monitoring and feedback, made possible through our in-house technology -- but you won’t have to do the heavy lifting.

Backed by trusted physicians and cutting-edge science

Our team draws on first-hand experience and deep research expertise in diabetes clinical care and population health so your patients benefit from the latest research developments.

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Keep your Patients

Keep your patients

Your patients stay with you. While our team will work with you and your patient to improve your patient’s lifestyle, we will not take over the clinical care of your patients.

How it Works

Fighting metabolic diseases and risk together

We’ll work with you to manage your patients with high metabolic risks, specifically those with:

  • Pre-diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Seamless monitoring of health parameters

NOVI Health offers wearables and connected sensors to assist you and your patients in tracking their glucose, nutrition, physical activity, sleep and other parameters important for their metabolic health.

We will also provide your patients with health coaching and personalized behavioral intervention advice. Your patients will have access to our proprietary app, NOVIFY, which allows them to easily see their data integrated on a single screen for easy spotting of trends.

All the information collected will be visible to and shared with you (subject to patient’s consent), allowing you to make more informed decisions based on their individual health data when you next see them.

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Health Coaching and Lifestyle Intervention

Our team of health coaches will work closely with your patient and you for the duration of the program, to help the patient set goals, stay on track, and make sense of the data to improve their lifestyle and health.

Data tracked and logged by the patients will be monitored and acted on by our team, and any queries that the patient may have will be answered by us promptly.

This way, while you provide the medical therapy, your patients can also benefit from our monitoring and lifestyle coaching, without the stress or work on your part.

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Support and Technical Issues

All administrative (including billing and claims), support or technical issues related to our product will be taken care of by us – this means no additional work for you.

We will also be on hand to answer any clinical questions you may have, whenever necessary.

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